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Purpose of the conveyors or screening machines






I require a proposal for:
    Unbalanced vibratory conveyors, heavy duty design
Variably adjustable magnetic vibratory conveyors Infinitely variable magnetic vibratory conveyors, enclosed
Unbalanced vibratory conveyors Unbalanced vibratory conveyors, enclosed
Feed spouts with guillotine dampers Screening machines, enclosed
Screening machines Infinitely variable magnetic vibratory conveyor tubes
Dewatering screening machines Unbalanced vibratory conveyor tubes
Vibratory conveyors guided by connecting rods Magnetic vibrators
Vibration motors Pre-screens (bar grid screens)
1. Purpose of the conveyors or screening machines
Discharging Screening Apportioning Charging
Conveying Dewatering Dosing  
Transport over a distance of mm
1.2. Upstream equipment
Bunker Bucket conveyor Hopper weigher Crusher
Silo Centrifuge Conveyor belt Endless screw
1.3. Downstream equipment
Conveyor belt Rollers Furnace Drying drums
Comminution machinery Weighing vessel Mixer Melting tanks
Fluid bed dryer          
1.4. Installation situation

Sketch attached with details of distance, height difference, and dimensions of the conveyor unit

2. Conveyed material
2.1. Description
2.2. Density of conveyed material
Density of conveyed material t/m³
Granular size from - to mm
2.3. External moisture
External moisture %
Minimum details dry moist wet
2.4. Temperature of conveyed material
normal °C maximum °C
2.5. Other properties, e.g.
sticky free flowing dusty chemical
poisonous hygroscopic aggressive explosion hazard
2.6. Grain shape
round broken natural grain  
3. Conveyed flow
normal t/h maximum t/h
not adjustable
can be reduced to % var. adjustable w/ thyristor control device
can be adjusted
e.g. by motor current
can be adjusted when brought to a stop
by a frequency converter
continuous operation batch-wise operation
4. Other conditions
4.1. Location of the conveyor unit
in the open air covered inside a building  
4.2 Location of the control system
in the open air covered inside a building  
4.3. Mains connection
Nominal voltage  Nominal frequency 
Variations in voltage (own supply?)
4.4. Protection type of the electrical equipment
4.5. Material for the trough of the vibratory conveyor
Steel Stainl. st. 1.4301 Stainl. st. 1.4571  
4.6 Anti-wear lining
on the floor of the trough All-over lining
4.7 Design of machinery
open construction closed construction
rubber sleeves cleaning openings
dust extraction nozzles  
4.8. Miscellaneous



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