Vibratory conveyors»

What are vibratory conveyors?

Vibratory conveyors are machines that transport material and bulk goods using controllable vibration.

They are used for clean delivery out of silos, to feed conveyors, spiral conveyors...

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Feeder shoes»

Feeder shoes are closing elements that are installed beneath silo outlets. These aggregates, made of high-quality steel, can be equipped with emergency shut-off slides or with needle-type slides in the case of coarse granulations.

Only in emergencies do these slides serve to block the silo outlet (for example when the vibratory conveyor is disassembled in a full silo).

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Unbalance exciters»

The unbalance exciters' work starts where the vibration motors' work stops.

We manufacture these linear-working vibratory drives in 27 different designs and with a performance range from 2680 - 16320 kg cm.

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Vibration motors»

Vibration motors are drive units used to generate linear vibrations.
Dosiertechnik GmbH manufactures over 23 different models of these motors, whose engine power is optimally tuned to usage in vibratory conveyors and screening machines.

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Vibration screening machines»

The reliable vibration screening machines are used for classing (separating various granulation types).

Coarse and fine materials are separated from each other by the different screen linings.

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Special-purpose constructions»

Next to the extensive array of standard constructions in the areas Screening - Conveying - Dosage, Dosiertechnik GmbH places a further emphasis on special-purpose construction of machines and on extending or modifying existing facilities.

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Bar grate screening machines»

Bar grate screening machines are used for coarse primary screening of coarse granulations before jaw crushing or milling etc.

The integrated rows of bars, whose intervals can be designed variably, divide the screen goods into coarse and fine particles.

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Dewatering screening machines»

Dewatering screening machines are vibration machines which simultaneously dewater and convey wet and granular bulk materials by means of vibrations.

Excellent results are achieved by using dewatering screening machines: In case of sand dewatering (0.5 - 1.0 mm slot width) the residual moisture is only 12-13%. Different sizes of dewatering machines (EWS) expand the potential usage spectrum.

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Spiral Conveyors»

Spiral conveyors are special oscillating conveyors, which are
constructed for the transport of bulk materials and cargo in a vertical

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Vibration Tables»

Vibration or oscillation tables are vibrating metal tables, which are made to vibrate vertically by means of vibration motors, exciters or electro-magnetic drives.

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Shake-out Processors»

Shake-out processors, also called oscillating grids or separation grids, are machines which are used in foundries to separate casting sand from the cast and cast box.

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