Spiral Conveyors

Spiral conveyors are special oscillating conveyors, which are constructed for the transport of bulk materials and cargo in a vertical shaft.

How Spiral Conveyors Work

The transport process in spiral conveyors takes place via a spiral conveyor path, which is vibrated by a vibrating drive. The vibration in the spiral conveyor causes the transportable goods, which are on the spiral conveyor belt to start moving and they are gradually transported upwards. Spiral conveyors are available in open or closed construction. Discharge heads of up to 6 m in height are possible without problem.

Spiral Conveyors with Cooling or Heating Effect

As spiral conveyors usually have a long transport path because of their winding design, the construction causes a relatively long resting time of transport goods on the conveyor belt. Therefore spiral conveyors are especially well suited for goods that must be cooled down, as the transport causes automatic cooling, which makes additional cooling unnecessary in many instances. Alternatively the conveyed goods can also be heated up whilst being transported by the spiral conveyor. In such cases they are called spiral cooling conveyors or spiral heating conveyors.

Areas of Use of Dosiertechnik - Spiral Conveyors

Spiral conveyors by Dosiertechnik GmbH are mainly used by industry for the careful transport of bulk materials to ensure that bulk materials are gently transported from below to the top. Apart from their technical advantages, spiral conveyors also prove themselves to be highly efficient and ecologically beneficial.

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