Shake-out Processors

Shake-out processors, also called oscillating grids or separation grids, are machines which are used in foundries to separate casting sand from the cast and cast box.
Here the mould box is made to oscillate vertically on the shake-out processor. The shaking movement, which takes place, empties the cast box and the sand can escape through the gaps in the grid and used again, whilst the cast piece is now freed from sand and remains on top of the shake-out processor.

Types of Shake-out Processors

Dosiertechnik GmbH offers shake-out processors for large unit weights (multiple shake-out grids up to 40 m²) as well as for smaller unit amounts (multiple shake-out grids up to 9 m²).

Advantages of Dosiertechnik Shake-out Processors

Our shake-out processors show an excellent price / efficiency ratio. Low operating costs are ensured because low-wear materials are used. Long, maintenance-free operating time is thereby ensured.

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