Feeder shoes

Feeder shoes are closing elements that are installed beneath silo outlets. These aggregates, made of high-quality steel, can be equipped with emergency shut-off slides or with needle-type slides in the case of coarse granulations.

Only in emergencies do these slides serve to block the silo outlet (for example when the vibratory conveyor is disassembled in a full silo).

Feeder shoes are installed beneath silo outlets. They take up the vibratory conveyor located below via an integrated substructure. All baffles for leading bulk materials are part of the feeder shoe. Therefore, the vibratory conveyor is freely adjustable and accessible.

Feeder shoes are available as series models for all open vibratory conveyors up to 2500 mm.

The feeder shoes with emergency shut-off slides are divided into the models for magnetic drive (AS-VRF) and for unbalance drive (AS-UR1).



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