Vibration screening machines

The reliable vibration screening machines are used for classing (separating various granulation types). Coarse and fine materials are separated from each other by the different screen linings.

Machines with two screening levels take over the further separation of material (single deck and double deck machines).

Various screen coatings are available for different tasks:

* Steel web
* Stainless steel web
* Pressure welded web
* Synthetic lining
* Welded bar screens
* Perforated metal plates

As an optional accessory, vibration screening machines are equipped with a beating device which serves to self-clean the machine.

Dosiertechnik GmbH has a wide variety of vibration screening machine models:

* For coarse granulations, the open design is available (KS1 or KS2).

* For fine granulations, the closed design is available (KSG 1 or KSG 2).

* Higher capacity is achieved by circulatory vibratory screening machines (Victoria® KS1 -Victoria® KS2).

* Heavy-duty large-scale screening machines and heavy-duty bar grate screening machines are driven by unbalance exciters. These special units sensibly round out Dosiertechnik GmbH's product range.

KS1 One decker, open design

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